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What is ?

Bosnian books online is an online bookstore currently offering titles written in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language. In order to overcome problems related to infrastructure and availability of high-quality books published in local languages, we decided to connect the increasing popularity of the Internet with popularity of books. has no preference for any particular language and is looking forward to extend its offer with titles written in other languages. Our goal is to offer quality literature - regardless of the language.

Who is behind the project? (Toronto) provides the software, development resources and technical support. Computer Hit Biblioteka (Sarajevo) provides the 10-year experience on the local book markets,  content and relationships with publishers. We also have close relationship with National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina which categorizes every published title. is headquartered in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with representation in Toronto, Canada which will enable us to reach interested readers in Western Europe and North America.

What type of books will be offered? offers a whole range of books - computers, history, literature... you name it, we have it. It is an excellent gateway for local publishers to get their offering online and make it possible for readers abroad to do research and acquire quality literature from this part of the world.

What does mean for local market in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

In the local context, we see Interliber as an excellent opportunity for local publishers to grow their business and increase sales. In the section "Publishers", Interliber will create a web presence for publishers. It is planned to create english version of the website, but for now we write all web site materials in Bosnian and Croatian. Our 12-year experience on the local book market speaks for itself: readers want high-quality books at affordable prices, without delays.
Our experience with popularity of books and problems related with infrastructure made us start this project - with Interliber, no matter where you are, you can get titles you need without having to rely on usually slow supply channels of regular bookstores.

What does mean for local population?

Fast-paced development of information technology requires a timely supply of computer literature. will make it easier for reader to obtain computer literature in their own language and, in the long-term, have impact on the technical education by making books accessible and affordable. Our continuing development efforts will create job opportunities for talented developers to improve the content offered on the web site.

What comes next? When will go online?

On September 1, 1999, was officially launched and started receiving orders. Our continuing task is: Improvement. We see this project as long-term strategy for improving service (initially) on the local book markets (Bosnia, Croatia, Yugoslavia...). We have also received great feedback from publishers who want Internet presence and look for ways to reach more customers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email us at Our address in Sarajevo:
Interliber d.o.o. Sarajevo
Azize Sacirbegovic 100
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel.: 387 33 921 182,
Fax: 387 33 921 183
10 AM - 18 PM CET
All inquiries submitted by email/fax will be processed the same day.
For all phone inquiries, please contact our office in Sarajevo.

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